Joe McNairy is Cinematographer, Camera Operator, and Assistant Camera from Minneapolis who has recently relocated to Los Angeles. His passion for the visual side of film production has grown quickly over the last several years, and more recently his cinematography on several short films is being recognized nationwide on the festival circuit.

Joe has experience working with the latest camera, lighting, and editing equipment on the market. He is proficient shooting with Arri, RED, Canon, Panasonic, and Sony cinema cameras, and has expert knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud & DaVinci Resolve when post work is needed. One of Joe’s most promising strengths in his work is lighting a scene. As a Director of Photography, Joe knows that lighting is the key component to making any image look truly cinematic and tell a story. Through his work with several Twin Cities-based camera and lighting rental houses, Joe has gained hands-on experience with industry standard lighting and grip equipment from top brands like Arri, Mole Richardson, Kino Flo, AAdynTech, Chapman Leonard, American Grip, and Matthews. 

Being behind the camera is Joe’s calling. He loves to juxtapose images that evoke meaning and leave a lasting impact on the viewer. For now, Joe continues to perfect his craft and actively seeks other driven filmmakers for advice, mentorship, and collaboration. Wherever cinematography takes him, Joe is eager to bring his knowledge and attentive personality to each new project.